Food Farm Talk


April 2024

May 2: BTA S01 E04: Proteinous Gastronomy

May 9: Ask-a-farmer-How sustainable is Canadian agriculture at producing cereals, pulses and oilseeds?

May 16: Connecting People to Place – SoR Part Five

May 23: BigStory-Restaurant revenues are booming, so why are so many losing money?]

May 30: BTA S01 E05: The Shared Platter

Apr 4: Arrell Food Summit – Business Case for Climate Solutions

Apr 11: BigStory-Super pigs took over the prairies. Now they’re spreading further, quickly.

Apr 18: Coffees and Combines – Alex, Bill, and Larry

Apr 25: Sharing the Land – SoR Part Four

Mar 7: World Food Day 2023 Water is Food Emerging Knowledge

Mar 14: BigStory-Why do food prices keep rising?

Mar 21: Loyal to the Soil – SoR Part Two

Mar 28: what-s-with-all-the-different-types-of-eggs.mp3


Feb 1: “What Happens in the Soil When We Reduce Tillage?”

Feb 8: Beyond the Aroma – Camels, Culture and Economy

Feb 15: Ask-a-farmer-Can I eat meat as part of a balanced diet?

Feb 22: Stories of regeneration – Blake Vince

Feb 29: Ask-a-farmer-What do Canadians think about our food system and farming practices?

Jan 4: Polycultures

Jan 11: Soil-to-Cereal-with-Dr–Steve-Rosenzweig-of-General-Mills

Jan 18: Bridging-Echo-Chambers-Part-1

Jan 25: Foodfocus-an-inflation-primer-how-high-and-why



A Climate-smart Agriculture Plan with Mo Yaghi of RBC, December 2023.

Guelph Centre For Urban Organic Farming with Mike Smith, June 2023

Or watch on YouTube:


First Nations Build Modern Agricultural Businesses, with Cadmus Delorme – Oct 2022

Soil Conservation Council of Canada with Jim Totarchuk – Feb 2022.

Or Watch on YouTube:


First Nations, Agriculture and Colonialism with Cadmus Delorme, Jan 2022.

Indigenous Agricultural Innovation with Thomas Benjoe


Or Watch on YouTube:

New Climate Programs for Canadian Farmers, October 2021.


Or watch on YouTube:

Agriculture Carbon Alliance and Canada’s Climate Plan

Or watch on YouTube:

Farmers for Climate Solutions – Karen Ross – Pandemic Recovery and Climate Change

Or watch on on Youtube:

Sustainable Fertilizer Use in Agriculture – the Environment

Sustainable Fertilizer Use in Agriculture – the 4Rs – What is it?

COVID19 and Local Food and Farming in Guelph-Wellington

Farmers for Climate Solutions – What, Why and How

Taste Real: Local Food and Farming in Guelph-Wellington

Food Security: From Excess to Enough – A Chat with author Ralph Martin

Or watch Ralph read a funny story from the book on YouTube:

New Soil and Crop Prez – Stuart Wright, talks soil health and sustainability

The Future of Conservation Authorities: Keeping Above Water?

Environmental Farm Plan: Ag’s best Kept Secret?

Measuring Farm Sustainability, Mission Possible?

What is Farm Sustainability? Cutting Through the “Sustainababble.”